I’m (Brent Nuñez) a product designer working @ Discovery Inc & Design Director for Creative Growth Magazine.

––– Work Experience –––
Senior Product Designer at Discovery Inc (2020–Current). Design Director at Creative Growth Magazine, OAK CA (2014–current). Senior Product Designer at Five & Done Creative Agency, OC CA (2018–2020). Product Designer at Samba TV, SF CA (2016–2018). Graphic Designer at SFAI, SF CA (2015–2016). Exhibition Design at Haines Gallery & SF Camerawork, SF CA (2012–2015). 


The short of it

I love old AV equipment, digging for records, graphic novels, and classic movies. Good wine. Good beer. Good food ︎.  

©2020 Brent Ezequiel Nuñez

The long of it 

Rooted in the arts, I create thoughtful and seamless experiences. I have experience in branding, digital products (consumer and enterprise level), web design, and creative direction. My accomplishments are a reflection of my collaborative spirit and flexibility to work with partners to bring strategy, identity, and vision to life. I currently live in LA and frequent the Bay Area + TX.

Art school, a love story. I got my degree in studio art and found myself working at multiple galleries, trying to get gallery representation–didn’t happen. What I did get was design experience: creating websites, emails, social campaigns, postcards, posters, catalogues, signage, vinyl, you name it. Oh, and painting white walls–white. I loved collaborating with curators and artists I respect.

New Mentors, New Challenges. I've been fortunate to have some really rad mentors who helped inspire my interest in product and web design. I racked up experience working with tech companies in the Bay Area.

In-N-Out vs. Whataburger. I now have the opportunity to work as a Senior Product Designer with a creative agency I long admired from afar. I'm problem solving for companies like Toyota, Air New Zealand, and Alpine, and spending my time in CA and TX.
You made it to the end ︎