I’m (Brent Nuñez) a product designer working @ Instagram & Design Director for Creative Growth Magazine.


––– Work Experience –––
Product Design at...
Instagram (2022–current). Discovery Inc (2020–2022). Five & Done Creative Agency (2018–2020). Samba TV (2016–2018). 

Design Director at Creative Growth Magazine (2014–current). 


Discovery DTC

I helped design and build a multi-platform suite of experiences for Magnolia—a home design and lifestyle company. This suite of experiences includes an e-commerce shop, streaming for sit-back and lean-in content, a blog for DIY projects, recipes, etc., and a visitor center that includes event and tourist information.

I led the shop and areas of the watch experiences. I also shaped the search and navigation efforts for web, app-IOS and Android, and CTV.

Shout out—

Melanie Lantin, Krystle Swaving, Ena Tioseco, Kimberly Ong, Jason Kisner, Carolyn DiLoreto, and Juan Octavio

Other designs from the shop and watch verticals--


I led a small team of Product Designers to help Toyota with all UX/UI needs—research, recommendations, and enhancements—for both consumer and enterprise products. The projects that I’ve lead allowed us to work with new teams across Toyota’s business.

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Phil Konya, Isaac Park, Zack Travis, Phuong Ho and Jake Nolan
Buyatoyota.com Enhancements—
Vehicle API Enterprise Product —

Air New Zealand

I redesigned the Air New Zealand website. Along the way, I shared observational testing and design validation testing results with ANZ. ANZ has been slowly updating their site based on my recommendations.

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Phil Konya & Matt DeSio

Final Comps—

Samba TV

I worked as a Product Designer and Creative Designer, creating internal and external products, digital campaigns, and materials and presentations for events.

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Meghan York, Justin Ma, and Chelsea Stewart

Ads Manager Product &
Real-time Viewership Product—

Visual Design & Booth Design at CES 2018—


I mantained and evolved the school's brand and means of digital communication—eblasts, assets for social media, site updates, etc.—and was responsible for creating design materials for admissions, exhibitions, and events. 

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Stephanie Smith & Devin Cornwall. Photography by Marcela Pardo Ariza